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For some viewers, just the word “sequel” is cringe-worthy. Whenever we venture out to the theaters to support the latest release from our favorite franchise, we’re armed with the knowledge that we’re either going to come out of it extremely let down and disappointed, or clawing our faces for more. Some of us are willing to take that chance, because while the formula for a successful sequel is tricky, it can be done right! Now You See It weighs in on the matter with a video essay: What Makes a Sequel Good?

Using movie franchises like Toy Story, Terminator, The Hobbit, 21 Jump Street, The Hangover, Cars, The Dark Knight, The Godfather, and Speed to illustrate the make or break points of a sequel, the 5-minute video raises some valid points. Here’s a quick recap of the recipe described for a successful sequel.

  • Don’t just recreate the first movie- add something bigger/better/different. Mix it up!
  • Sequels need to build/add something.
  • Must see character development!

The video goes on to commend Marvel for incorporating all of these elements in their films; interconnecting worlds, showing characters interact and grow, and setting the foundation for a long-lasting and thriving franchise.

Unfortunately, there will always be bad sequels. As the video addresses, sometimes all you need is a popular name to draw in the viewers- in some cases even more viewers than the predecessor. Also, a point that wasn’t mentioned: love is blind. Sometimes fans can be so into a character or series that no matter what they put out, it will be loved and well received. There’s something to be said for brand loyalty!

Do you agree with the sequels they hailed as successes? Or maybe you disagree with one of the movies they marked as failures? If you have 5 minutes, give the video a watch and tell us what you think!

Source: SlashFilm

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