‘Ant-Man’ Credits Scenes Explained


Maybe you’ve seen Ant-Man by now and have lingering questions about exactly what goes down in the mid-credits and post-credits scenes.  Maybe you haven’t seen the film yet and would like some more knowledge to arm yourself with going in.  Maybe you’re like me and have seen the movie twice already and just think it’s really, really good (in my review of Ant-Man, I mentioned that these two scenes exist, but kept it spoiler-free).  Whatever the case, here’s some deeper info you might not know about the “secret” Ant-Man scenes – and it should go without saying here, but you’re entering MAJOR SPOILER TERRITORY, so consider yourself warned.

MID-CREDITS: Hope gets another surprise

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) takes his daughter Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) down to his basement and into the Carbondale safe that Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) blew the door off of previously in the film.  He reveals a hidden door at the back, where Hope (and we) see that there is another shrinking suit being built.  “Your mother and I were working on a prototype,” Pym tells her, before going to say that he’d like to finish it.  Her response, as her eyes move approvingly over the suit: “It’s about damn time.”


So what does it mean?  The suit is clearly a build for a new version of The Wasp, the codename given to Janet Van Dyne before she valiantly sacrificed herself to stop an ICBM explosion in the 1980s.  The info being provided to the audience here seems to strongly indicate that we will be seeing Lilly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, in super-hero form as she takes up the mantle of her mother’s legacy.  Indeed, Lilly contracted for appearances in multiple Marvel films when she signed on for Ant-Man, so odds are very good that The Wasp will fly again – it’s just a matter of when.  The “smart money” bets are on either Captain America: Civil War or The Avengers: Infinity War, but only time will tell us for sure.

POST-CREDITS: Civil War has arrived

The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Captain America (Chris Evans) are in a dim and dank room, where Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier (Sebastien Stan) has his cybernetic arm trapped in…some sort of large contraption.  Even after two viewings, I’m still unsure of exactly what it is – and I looked REALLY closely the second time.  It’s pretty evident that Bucky is less than thrilled to be there, and while Falcon and Cap discuss the situation, it becomes clear that they can’t call the other Avengers (very specifically, Tony Stark’s Iron Man, who is mentioned by name).  Falcon thinks for a moment, and then lets Cap know there might be another option: “I know a guy.”

What does this scene mean?  It’s putting us squarely in the mood for the start of Marvel’s Phase 3 and the next Marvel movie to hit theaters, Captain America: Civil War.  When Falcon asks Cap if they should “call Stark,” the answer is no, partially because “who knows if The Accords would even let him help.”  It’s widely believe that “The Accords” that are referenced will be some form of the Superhero Registration Act that permeated the Civil War storyline in the comic books – essentially a government mandate asking all super-powered beings to register for identification and accountability purposes.  Some heroes willingly signed up, and others didn’t; that’s likely what we’ll see in the new film, and it’s clear that Cap and Iron Man fall on different sides of the coin.


As for Ant-Man’s involvement?  Well, a simple guess is that if Cap and Falcon want to get Bucky un-stuck from that…thing, then they need somebody with either a lot of tech expertise, or someone who get small and get in there.  Scott Lang fits both of those bills, and he seems to have a friendly rivalry established with Falcon, who as you might remember from the final shot of the Ant-Man film, is looking for him.

Exciting times lie ahead for both Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, it would seem!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: are you looking forward to more Ant-Man and Wasp action?

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