Hulu May Be Offering Advert-Free Viewing

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The range of options for lovers of movies and television shows is growing. Companies like Netflix started the trend and now you can choose from a variety of online “networks” when you need to get your fix of visual media. One of the bigger companies is, of course, Hulu. The problem with Hulu, however, is that they pay the bills using standard advertising. Which means you have to sit through a bunch of commercials if you want to watch what they have to offer. In the near future, however, that may change, as Hulu is exploring the possibility of offering advert-free viewing.

This change will not come without cost, of course. Hulu is currently providing their services for a reasonable $8 a month. You’ll likely still be able to choose this option if you don’t feel like shelling out the extra cash, but if you’re one those folks who hates being interrupted in the middle of your shows, then the price tag will be somewhere between $12 and $14 a month.

The decision to go ad-free is a standard competitive move by Hulu. Other services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Now already provide viewing without commercials. And while their prices are comparable to what Hulu currently charges, as standard television networks die out and online services take over, expenses are going to rise. Each company will, after all, need to start putting out more and more original content and securing contracts for the biggest and best movies and television shows. So even as Hulu steers away from advertisers, the other companies are likely to start adopting them and forcing you to pay more to get rid of them.

One thing Hulu does have going for it, and perhaps one of the best reasons to pay the extra cash, is the fact that they offer viewing of TV shows the day after they air on standard networks. So you have a level of access that other companies currently don’t provide. Will that be enough to get people to almost double their subscription rate? I’m guessing yes. We media junkies do, after all, loathe having to sit through minutes of crap in order to get back to the show we’re trying to watch. Just because grew up as slaves to advertisers doesn’t mean we enjoyed it.

What say the Nerd Readers? Would you pay $12 bucks or more to get your Hulu viewing advert-free? Or do you think they’ll need more and better content to pull this off?


Source: WSJ

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