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The Ghostbusters reboot has been trickling information our way, providing little looks and teases as to what we can expect from this female-led ghost-smashing flick. People have had mixed reactions concerning things such as the new look of the proton packs or the latest incarnation of Ecto-1, but such is the fate of reboots in our day. The latest bit of information isn’t as exciting as all that, but neither is it likely to be as divisive. We now know the names of the four ladies who shall be busting said titular ghosts. Scroll on to discover exactly who is going to answer when you call the Ghostbusters.

First of all, here’s a handy-dandy reference picture so that you know who is who:

lady ghostbusters

The one on the right is Leslie Jones, and her name in the reboot shall be Patty Tolan. Next up is none-other-than Melissa McCarthy, and she shall be called Abby Yates. Third in line is Kristen Wiig, AKA Erin Gilbert. And finally, Kate McKinnon shall be known as Jillian Holtzmann.

So there you have it, the full line-up of the new Ghostbusting team. I know it’s nothing to get excited about, but it’s something, right?

If you’re still onboard for the Ghostbusters reboot, you have a year to wait, as it shall be appearing in theaters on July 22nd of 2016.


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