So things are getting a bit tense on Hannibal as of late. While Will and Hannibal finally met up to renew their strange and psychotic friendship, the real intent here was to see who would kill who first. Will thought he may have had the jump on Hannibal, but Chiyo stopped the assassination attempt with a bullet. And when Will came to, he was Hannibal’s dinner guest. Jack tried to save the day, but his conflict with the good doctor didn’t turn out to be as successful as it was the first time. In the end, they both looked like they might end up on the menu. Unfortunately for Hannibal (and likely everyone else), Mason Verger finally found a way to get to his enemy. And now everybody looks to be completely fucked. How will Hannibal and his companions escape from certain doom? Scroll on to find the answer to this and many other questions.

We begin with a police raid. How exactly did Will and Hannibal end up in the clutches of Mason Verger? Well, some corrupt cops found our favorite cannibal and tracked him down. So they arrive just in time to save Will. Unfortunately, selling Hannibal and Will means that Jack is a liability. So they’re ready to kill them. But it’s Chiyo to the rescue wither her big gun and expert marksmanship. In return for her help in saving his life, Jack gives her the location of Mason’s farm and thus the key to finding her twisted mentor.

hannibal will hanging

Meanwhile, at the farm, Mason and his pet psychopath, Cordell, receive their package. What’s more, Mason has a very fucked-up plan for the pair of friends. Hannibal, of course, he plans on eating. But in order to have the perfect dining experience, he wants Will’s face to be cut off and placed over his own. He reveals all this to his trapped guests during a lovely dinner. Naturally, Hannibal is having a good time, despite everything that’s going on. To him, even the threat of death can’t spoil the experience of screwing with Mason’s head one more time.

While all this is going on, Alana and Margot are having their own experiences. Mason figures out that the two are having a love affair and even grills Margot on the fertility of her new companion. What’s more, he reveals that the ovaries he cut from his sister’s body are still intact and have been placed into a surrogate and impregnated. Also, that surrogate happens to be located somewhere on the farm. Of course, Mason has a habit of pushing people and not thinking about the consequences and with a still-living Hannibal on the premises, he’s just asking for trouble.

Hannibal standing bound

Margot takes a trip to see the imprisoned Hannibal and ask for some advice. His response? That, regardless of whether she frees him or not, the killing of her brother needs to be by her own hand. It would be therapeutic, he insists. And Hannibal, being the stand-up guy that he is, even offers to take the rap for it so that Margot doesn’t have the heat coming down on her.

In Will’s world, we finally see a meet-up between him and Alana. She tries to explain her position, defending her decision to work with Mason in order to track down Hannibal. Alana was in it to get to Hannibal before Will did, trying to help her old friend before he sank further into the madness that is friendship with the doctor. In return, Will insists that Alana needs to up her game and get some blood on her hands. Much the same way that Hannibal is advising Margot, Will is telling Alana that only murder will satisfy her needs.

Hannibal bound

So Alana ends up in the same position as Margot, visiting Hannibal in order to find an answer to all their dilemmas. She begins by murdering a guard and then makes a deal to help Hannibal escape if he agrees to help Will. Hannibal, being a true gentleman, takes her up on her offer. Though he insists on leaving Mason alive so that the two ladies can deal with things in a way he sees as fitting.

Alana and Margot find the surrogate – a pig that Mason has implanted with his sisters ovaries. There’s even a baby in there, though it does not survive a rather brutal surgical removal. And just when it seems that Will is about to lose his face, Mason wakes up to find that the mask he’s wearing is composed of the skin of his butcher, Cordell. He only has a few minutes to consider the implications of this before the lovers show up to deal with him once and for all.

mason surgery

And finally, Hannibal and Will enjoy a most emotional reunion. With the help of Chiyo’s shooting skills, the doctor manages to get his friend to safety. They return to Will’s cabin and have one final chat. They talk about friendship and how things break and whether certain things can ever be repaired. And while Hannibal seems eager to give his friend another chance, Will is not so willing. He wants nothing to do with Hannibal and even states that he’ll give up chasing him in order to be as far away from the doctor as possible. This brings an odd reaction from Hannibal… the swelling of tears.

But just when you think the friends have finally decided to part ways for good, Hannibal does something shocking. He surrenders to Jack Crawford and the FBI, ensuring that he’ll always be close to Will, even if they are forever separated by iron bars.

HANNIBAL -- "Digestivo" Episode 307 -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Talk about twisted… this week’s episode goes above-and-beyond the normal level of insanity that Hannibal usually brings. Face-wearing, impregnated pigs, bloody murders and alliances that seem like they should never happen. If the writers of the show were aiming to tie my brain into knots, they damned well hit the bull’s eye.

The conversations this week were brilliant. From Mason’s lunacy to Hannibal and Cordell talking cannibal cooking techniques to the final confrontation between Hannibal and Will, it was all wonderful. The imagery complimented the story without overwhelming it (a fault that the show sometimes falls prey to) and each actor and actress performed exquisitely.

hannibal grieving

The highlight of the show, however, was definitely the final five minutes. I’m not ashamed to say that the writers brought tears to my eyes by up-playing the psychotic bromance between Will and Hannibal. We got a deep look into the eyes of the killer and saw the torment there. Hannibal’s a man seeking a like soul to understand him, but that soul has already been damaged beyond repair by the actions he’s taken. That sense of eternal loneliness is something that all people feel at one time or another and the ability of the writers, actors and other Hannibal crew to bring such a touching moment to a relationship as twisted as this one is a sign of their exceptional talents.

Next week, Hannibal returns to a more familiar format, with Will getting back to work with the FBI, seeking out serial killers. The only catch is that now Hannibal, instead of being the hunted, is a valuable resource. And the team is after one of the Hannibal mythos’ most infamous of characters – ‘The Great Red Dragon’. Check out the trailer below.

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