GQ chose Amy Schumer for their annual Comedy Issue which featured a photo layout of Schumer mixed into the Star Wars Universe. It was a hot post last week, with a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Disney came out later with a Twitter statement labeling the photo shoot as an inappropriate use of their characters that they: didn’t approve, participate in, or condone. GQ also asked Schumer to design her own GQ cover shot and include her own cover lines for the articles inside her comedic imaginary GQ cover issue.

Here’s the full cover design:


Personally I think it is hysterical, but then I love her standup and television show. Schumer isn’t afraid to “Go there” when it comes to hot button topics. Football Town Nights is one skit from her show that absolutely takes on an important subject that seems to get swept under the rug.


If you haven’t seen Schumer’s 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer, you should check it out. It is brilliant. I’d Embed it here for you, but you’ll have to check your Cable On Demand or buy it for $1.99 from Comedy Central Youtube or just use this to watch the entire episode on Comedy Central.

Here’s Football Town Nights:

Via: GQ

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