We haven’t really heard much from Brian Michael Bendis, the co-creator along with artist Michael Gaydos of Jessica Jones, about the new Netflix Jessica Jones series and that’s kinda strange. Bendis is usually very vocal about his creations and what’s going on with them. In a recent Ask Me Anything on his Tumbler Page Bendis! he explained why we haven’t heard much from him and his thoughts and reaction after watching the first two episodes.Jessica_Jones_69352

Here’s the question from (Anonymous) that started it all on the AMA:

Have you been asked for input on the Jessica Jones Netflix series? I heard Sony came to you on the issue of web shooters for 2012’s The Amazing Spiderman. So it would seem to make sense Marvel Television would consult you on a series focused on the character you created.

I know I’ve been very low-key on talking about to Jessica Jones TV show but I think I have to stop doing that because I can’t hold it any longer.  I’m going to burst.

The show is so good. I have seen the first couple of episodes and because I didn’t work on it directly I can say this with full no ego fanfare: I loved it!! and believe me, I was going to be the hardest on it, harder than any of you.

Jessica is a part of my DNA. A bad Jessica Jones show would have hurt me deeply. BUT it is faithful and lively and everything that I could personally have wanted from the show. The mean streets of Marvel Netflix from a different perspective than Matt’s but at the same time… it all fits. Just like the comics on their best day. and just like Netflix DD, the look of the show is cracklin’ noir but with its own palette.

He goes on to explain why he hasn’t really been deeply involved with the show:

I did not work on the show because I’m working on Powers, and I can’t be everywhere, and also the show was ALWAYS in very very very good hands. I had read the very first drafts of Melissa Rosenberg’s pilot when it was at ABC and I was so flattered by her faithfulness and just getting why we made the book in the first place. I met with the assembled writer’s room and had the surreal experience of finally being in a room where I knew the answers to people’s question.

What does he think of the Jessica Jones cast?

Krysten Ritter is soooo good. and Michael Colter. Wait until you see Michael Colter. the casting of Luke Cage, in my opinion, and have said this to everyone behind the scenes, is as strong and spot on as the casting of Tony Stark. it’s probably the hardest to cast and they got it. perfect.

I can’t wait to see the rest and I can’t wait for you to see it too. I’m VERY proud to have my name on it. And I loved emailing Michael Gaydos the good news.

Currently the series is expected to premiere some time later this year in December. How and when the series might crossover with Netflix’s Daredevil isn’t clear yet, but we all know it is coming. Once the four Marvel Netflix series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all on the air they will form a shared television universe that fits into the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Guest spots and cameos should be fast and furious as the Netflix characters work and live in the same area of New York. The powers that be are taking it slow in that regard though, using the casual line to drop a character reference instead of just having the character drop by. As these series get going those cameos should increase as they build toward the Defenders movie which will feature the entire cast of Netflix superheroes.


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