It’s no shock that the majority of Game of Thrones fans are still in denial over Jon Snow’s death. There are rumors abound about loopholes and plot twists that could bring him back for Season 6 of the show, which actor Kit Harrington (Jon Snow himself) has said he is not coming back for. However, all hope may not be lost for Snow lovers yet! Two different sources: Watcher on the Wall and Winter is Coming, have posted photos of what looks to be Kit Harrington (the photos are a bit blurry) arriving in Belfast; presumably for the first Game of Thrones Season 6 table read.

Now before we all get excited, there could be some plausible explanations for Harrington being there that don’t involve Jon Snow coming back to life. Charles Dance made the same trek to Belfast last year just to film his character Tywin Lannister’s funeral. If Harrington is merely filming Jon Snow’s funeral, it could also explain why he has kept his hair long; a sign that many fans have been using to support their argument that Jon Snow isn’t really dead.

Another possibility for Harrington’s presence and continued Jon Snow-like appearance could be for flashbacks. We got our first taste of flashbacks last season from a young Cersei, but it might be Bran Stark that takes over in that department. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, has already confirmed that he’ll be back for Season 6, and who knows what he’s learned to do with his warg powers since we last saw him in Season 4?

So what do you make of this Kit Harrington sighting? Could we really be seeing more of Snow in Season 6? It’s pretty safe to say that where Game of Thrones is concerned, you really never know what could happen next!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO with Season 6 in 2016.



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