‘The Flash’ Gets a Costume Adjustment for Season 2

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Clothes make the man, so they say, and a number of TV super men are getting a fashion fix for the upcoming TV season. Chief among them is The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive is getting a new look for the fall, one that aligns a bit more to his comic book origins, if you care about that sort of thing. Of course, when we last left the Flash he had some much bigger concerns than clothing, like a giant black hole forming above Central City following the defeat of the main villain, and the death of an important supporting character, but seeing as how this is a superhero drama we’re talking about, the state of costume comes a close second place.

Behold! The Flash v 2.0:

Okay, so first blush, not much has changed. It’s certainly not the drastic costume update that Oliver Queen just received for Arrow, which was revealed earlier this month at San Diego Comic Con. Obviously the lightning bolt symbol is different, changing from a yellow bolt on a red background to what looks like a red bolt on a white background, but that redness could just be a tick of the lighting. The new Flash suit was designed by Maya Mani, who also designed the new Arrow suit, and will now turn her talents to redesigning the super-suits for the Legends of Tomorrow. Busy woman.

The Flash, and his portrayer Grant Gustin, will suit up again to battle evil at super-speed when the show returns this October on the CW.

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