Of the many projects that Hollywood currently has in its mammoth machine the one most “flying under the radar” right now to me, feels like the forthcoming Muppets TV show, set to premiere this Fall on ABC.  These classic Jim Henson characters that many of us grew up with, are getting a modern-makeover in their televised presentation. I’m not referring to their physical appearance, but rather their stylistic approach.  The show will feature a behind-the-scenes style format that could allow the writers to do some truly unique and entertaining things with this “cast.”  Now, we at home get a chance to take a full look at the pitch video that got the series green-lit!

After showing to fans at the San Diego Comic Con, ABC smartly made the decision to release this 10-minute video Internet wide, so that everyone can get a better feel for what the show might look like (and of course, the video’s release helps keep buzz for the show going as well).  At first glance, it certainly looks like the style of this show is going to fit right in line with some of the “smarter” shows in recent memory, like The Office, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and many others.  I’m confident that the celebrities – many of whom obviously grew up watching these puppet-prancing characters – will continue to line up to be on the show, and that will hopefully be one of the series’ greatest assets.

Take a peek at the video and let us know your thoughts below! The Muppets debuts September 22nd on ABC.

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