No, that is not a Klingon Warrior’s Vulcan Ears Taken in Battle collection, although I am sure there are Klingon connoisseurs of such things in the rebooted Klingon Empire. Those ears are part of a glimpse into the production of Star Trek Beyond found in the latest video promoting the Omaze Star Trek: To Boldly Go charity event. Do you want to know more?startrekbeyondalien-145099

The charity event is set to raise money for nine worthy charitable causes and bring some lucky fans for a tour of the set and one grand prize winner and a friend, win a walk on role in Star Trek Beyond.

In this second video promoting the contest you’ll get a look at some props like the new smaller tricorder, and a new alien, along with some Vulcan ears as Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin walk you through the contest details.

Here’s the first video featuring the entire bridge crew and a new actor joining the franchise.

Star Trek Beyond hits theater screens July 8th, 2016.

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