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When X-Files was released in 1995, I was just a wee lad of 10 years old. I was still governed by the tyranny of a bed time and the expectations that I be able to wake up and function in the morning for school. My folks understandably followed this childhood rule quite rigidly, with one very notable exception: I was allowed to stay up and watch The X-Files, my absolute favorite show at the time. It was the perfect blend of mystery horror, still 2 of my favorite entertainment genres, and had the ever lovely Gillian Anderson on its side. It was the perfect show. Now, by way of some miracle, we’ll get to spend more time in that amazing world. The best news, though, is that we got our hands on a nice little teaser to share with all of you fine nerds. Are you ready? 

Let me tell you, I am ready for ALL of that.

After an excruciatingly long 13 year hiatus (and a couple decent films), X-Files is poised to return with creator Chris Carter on board, along with original stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, reprising their beloved roles as agents Mulder and Scully. It’s going to be a 6 episode event series and, with any luck, will continue long after that.

I am so, so ready for this.

What do you think, folks? Are you ready for the return of X-Files? Are you thinking it should have stayed dormant? Are you also thinking these stars look better with age!? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section.

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