‘Arrow’ Season 4 Adds Two New Faces


Spoilers ahead….It seems like only yesterday that Arrow’s crazy season finale aired, finally giving fans of the series a chance to catch their breath after what is widely regarded as the best season of the CW/DC superhero series to date.  After his knock-down battle with Ra’s al Ghul, things got even crazier once Oliver handed the supervillain’s mantle over to Malcom Merlyn, firmly placing the character back onto the side of the show’s villains, then announced he would rather be with Felicity than live as the Arrow, before heading down the coast (perhaps to Coast City?).  While the fate of the beloved characters remains unknown until the series returns on October 14, it appears that the show will be introducing a few new characters, as both Jeri Ryan and JR Bourne will be joining the cast in Season 4.

It was recently revealed that actress Jeri Ryan will be joining the cast as Jessica Danforth, a politician who is friends with the Queen family, and will find herself as the target to some evil villain.  Also revealed, JR Bourne, who recently starred in the MTV revamp of Teen Wolf, will also be joining the series as the villain Jeremy Tell aka Double Down.


While Ryan’s character is one that may be a bit unfamiliar, Double Down is a character that many fans of The Flash comic books will recognize.  A con man and gambler, Jeremy Tell wound up killing a man after he was beat in a game of cards.  Unfortunately for Tell, the murdered winner happened to own a cursed deck of cards that wound up bonding itself to Tell, replacing his skin, thus creating the villain Double Down.  In the comics, Double down has the ability to detach the cards from his skin to slice through anyone dumb enough to try to go up against the baddie.  Considering Arrow is barely beginning to scratch the surface of the supernatural aspects of the DC Universe, possibly including an appearance from Matt Ryan as Constantine, it is unlikely the “cursed deck” will wind up in the series, but the character is described as “a metahuman who can turn his playing cards into deadly weapons”.  Let’s all hope and pray that they don’t try to turn Double Down into a Mirror, Mirror version of Marvel’s Gambit.

Ryan and Bourne are only the latest names to be added to the Season 4 roster for Arrow.  The fan favorite stars join newcomers Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific, and Alexander Calvert, who will join the series as Anarky.  Yep. It looks like Season 4 is going to be a big one!

Are you ready for the October 14 premiere? Are you hoping any of these characters show up in The Flash?



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