The Doof Warrior, arguably he’s one of the most memorable characters in George Miller‘s incredible masterpiece of movie mayhem that is Mad Max: Fury Road. He was certainly the one that got the most attention from Conan O’Brien, who took on the Doof Warrior persona on his way to SDCC15. Now, thanks to Funny or Die, you too can Doof it with the best of them.

Like that old DEVO song:

When a problem comes along you must Doof it…

Doof it good!!!

If you didn’t know, Doof wasn’t the only entertainer in Immortan Joe’s army. Patton Oswald brought a clip to Conan’s show a couple of months ago.

I’m hoping the Mad Max group that always does the parade at Dragon Con will step it up for Fury Road this year with a Doof Warrior Wagon. If it happens, we’ll bring it to you here.

Remember how the Benny Hill Show always ended with a big chase and this music?

Via: Funny or Die

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