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Hugh Jackman wasn’t the first choice to play Wolverine when X-Men was made over 15 years ago, but after six (and next maybe seven and eight) film appearances, it’s hard to imagine another actor stepping into those metal claws and mutton chops. Still, it’s likely a reality that we’ll have to embrace in the next couple of years as Jackman’s repeatedly stated that the upcoming third Wolverine solo movie will be his last as the mutant who’s the best at what he does. So what will this last Wolverine story be about? Well, that’s the question that Jackman is putting to you, the fans, in this first teaser image for the film.

Courtesy of Jackman’s own Twitter feed:

I really hope that this is a fun thing that Jackman is doing to cook up hype for the film and that this isn’t a stealth campaign to get plot suggestions from the fan base. David James Kelly is currently writing the script, which may or may not be based on the Mark Millar/Steve McNiven graphic novel Old Man LoganJackman hasn’t flatly denied that Old Man Logan will serve as the basis for Wolverine III, and recently at San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, he teased the possibility that this will be a reality.

For the record, Old Man Logan is set in the future after the death of many of Earth’s heroes. America is ruled by villains, and Wolverine’s former fellow Avenger Hawkeye comes to him with an urgent mission that forces Logan to find his inner hero one more time. Naturally, Jeremy Renner is unlikely to appear in a Wolverine movie, but thematically, adapting Old Man Logan makes sense as a story, and it would be in keeping with the recent X-Men movies and their trend to play with the timeline.

The untitled third Wolverine solo movie will begin shooting sometime next year for a March 3, 2017 release. We’ll have more news as it develops.

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