I’ve finally reached my Rant Level when it comes to Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four Reboot. I’ve been able to let a lot of things go when it comes to the reboot, some I’ve even thought were kinda cool. When Trank cast Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm I was fine with it because Jordan was fantastic in Chronicle, Friday Night Lights, and Fruitvale Station. Leaning more toward the Ultimate FF4 origin story was OK, I mean I could live with it. “Thing”s started to get a little rocky with me when I saw this film’s version of my favorite ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing wouldn’t be wearing blue boxers, but I even let that one go. Now though, this latest trailer has pushed me over the line. What could possibly have started off this rant?

It is something so simple, yet for some reason just set me off, as a long time Fantastic Four Comic book reader and fan, this morning. Watch the trailer and see if you can pick it out.

Well? Did you catch what my big problem with this trailer is today? It’s kinda silly, but for some reason I just went off the rails when I saw Johnny Storm give the Thing his superhero name. Originally, Sue is the one to call Ben a “Thing.” Then, Ben Grimm names himself the Thing. Here’s the original comic book panels:


So there is Sue calling Ben some “Thing” and then later when they all calm down they name themselves:


They each choose their names, so now we’ve got Johnny naming the Thing? No way, that just tickled something deep inside my nerdy mind that went right off the tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Johnny and Ben play pranks on each other.

Marvel-Fanfare-15_p10It’s a great part of their relationship and is usually good for a laugh of two, but something just didn’t seem right about Johnny calling Ben a “Thing” at that point. It wasn’t playful, it just seemed mocking and mean to me and just robbed me wrong.

I’ll still go see it in the theater and give it the chance it probably doesn’t deserve. I kinda have to at this point, I still hope somewhere deep that this movie is going to somehow come together and surprise me and every other Fantastic Four fan out there. Hmm, I guess hope still springs eternal after all, but really, this is the Ben Grimm I want to see:


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