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Capping off a somewhat unlikely resurgence in popularity, Marvel’s Deadpool (created by the infamous Rob Liefeld) is ready to see big screen action when his film hits theaters onFebruary 12th 2016. Ryan Reynolds has kept fan interest alive with his series of amazing in-character tweets and photos, and Empire wants to take part in the fun as evidenced by these fun new images. They show off Deadpool looking ready for action, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and even a pre-Deadpool look at Wade Wilson himself with Copycat. Check these out!




I really can’t wait for this one. Knowing that the film is set to bring Deadpool to life with a fitting R rating shows that the studio isn’t afraid to retain the spirit of the character and his wildly inappropriate shenanigans. I’m a little nervous about how they’re going to pace the thing, as Deadpool is as manic a character as they come, but my faith in this one is strong. Plus, I gotta say, they NAILED his look with that fucking amazing costume. I mean… Just AMAZING.

What do you think, fellow nerds? Are you excited for Deadpool? Do you think they’re going to do him justice with this film adaptation? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section.

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