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Spider-Man getting out of Sony’s deathgrip and coming back to Marvel was all fans ever really wanted. Now that he’s back in Marvels loving bosom, there is much dissent and loathing from fans at the prospect of a new film. Jon Watts got the gig to direct a new Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland cast as ole’ web head, and no one fan seems too excited about it. Fans got what they wanted and they’re unhappy about it, at least going by Internet chatter anyway. Given there’s been 5 Spider-Man movies in the last 10 or so years, with the last two being a botched rebootening, its understandable that fans are hesitant to welcome Spidey back to theaters. It does feel like only yesterday that Andrew Garfield was announced as the new Spider-Man.

Director Jon Watts certainly has a challenge selling fans on another cinematic Spidey adventure, but he’s taking it head-on. In a recent Interview withEW, he’s said some words that may be assuring to fanboys. Additionally, USA Today talked to Spider-Man screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein about the film, as well regarding the tonality and little something about the characters origin.

From what we heard about this new Spider-Man film, it will have something of a John Hughes film quality to it, seeing Peter Parker and his arachnid alter ego dealing with high-school typical teen angst mixed in with the responsibility of being a super hero.

Watts explained that the appeal of casting Tom Holland, combined with Marvel’s approach, is this:

He can be a real high school student. That’s why people love Spider-Man. He’s the most grounded, relatable of superheroes. And Tom can really do that. He captures that. And he can do a standing back-flip. He’s perfect.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein had this to say about their approach in handling Spidey:

The tone will be really grounded, about a real kid who gets these powers and what that means with a geeky, outcast kid and how he deals with them… You don’t instantly become a superhero, it’s a long journey. [Peter Parker] is spending a lot more time in high school. And so we have time to sort of develop the powers with him and experience the wish fulfillment. And also just the fact that it’s really alienating to other people.

Daley also dropped a bomb that will give lamenting fans one less thing to groan about: “I don’t think the origin story is gonna be in there.”

The director and the writers certainly are saying all the right things to assure fans that Spider-Man is going to get treated right this time around. Of course, we’ve heard similar quotes from countless filmmakers when they get asked about their creative takes on superhero movies.  But lets take a look at the creatives attached to this new Spider-Man film.

Jon Watts isn’t a household name yet. He landed the Spider-Man directorial chair thanks in part to his Sunday entry Cop Car, which casts Kevin Bacon as a sheriff on the trail of two kids who have taken his cruise for a joyride. That film is supposedly heralded for its treatment and empathy for young kids getting caught up in things bigger than themselves. That basic construct is very relatable to Spider-Man’s sense of character. Clearly there was something Sony and Marvel saw in that film to give Watts a shot at Spidey.

Then we we John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. They’re the duo that recently scribed the Vacation reboot. They also worked on Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2 and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Not exactly a winner resume to the superhero crowd but at least we know they can write some laughs. Something Spider-Man, who is known for his verbal quips, sorely needs done right on film. One of the biggest factors to not be overlooked is John Francis Daley’s acting resume. Most recognize him as Sweets on FOX’s Bones, but long before that he played the shy geeky kid, Sam Weir, on Freaks and Geeks. So he has some experience playing a social outcast vying for attention. Something that will surely factor into writing for Spider-Man.

Point is, there is a theme here revolving around the creative team involved with this new Spider-Man film. It seems the right mixture of talent that can truly get Spidey.

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