Five Nights at Freddy‘s is gathering steam in Hollywood, with Poltergeist director Gil Kenan signing with Warner Brothers to helm the feature, based on the popular horror game.  The first in a new wave of video game-based movies on the horizon (Angry Birds I can see, but Cut the Rope? Seriously?), it looks like WB is taking this project seriously, with Kenan and Tyler Burton Smith also scripting the film. Deadline reports that Roy Lee (Lego Movie) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) will be producing the film. 

The game revolves around a Chuck E. Cheese-style pizza parlor, where the animatronic animals come alive every night and are quite, um, unruly. Homicidally so. Fans of the game say it’s spectacularly scary, but I can’t comment on that because scary games scare me, so I don’t play them. Still, it’s easy to see how this game could translate to the big screen. The “elevator pitch” for this at Warner Brothers probably sounded like this: “It’s Alien in a Chuck E. Cheese. Friday the 13th Meets A Night at the Museum! We’ll make big, big bucks!”

Personally, I hope this movie comes out, and is better than Marc Dacascos’ Double Dragon or Bob Hoskins’ Super Mario Brothers. Have to hope it’s even better than any of the Resident Evil flicks, because I am so sick and tired of my kid going “OMG, Freddy is so scary, and it’s indy. I only want to make indy games, Dad. Indy is the best kind of game.” Shut up, kid. I hope this movie scares the piss out of you and you never talk about it again.

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