Earlier this week, Hugh Jackman reached out to fans about Wolverine 3. He wasn’t revealing any new details, in fact he was calling on fans to tell him what Wolverine 3 should be about, in 50 words or less. As one would expect, there were tons of fans who wanted to throw in their two cents with the Old Man Logan plot being a favorite. Amongst all those fans though responding to Jackman’s tweet was none other than The-Merc-with-the-Mouth himself, soon to star in his own “R” rated Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds. What did he have to say in 50 words or less?deadpool-wolverine

Here’s Jackman’s tweet from earlier this week:

Here is Reynolds’ response:

Logan and Wade Wilson going at it Top Gun Style on the beach Volleyball court sounds fantastic. The ladies, and quite a few men, would be all over that one. I can picture it now, sweaty, shirtless Jackman and Reynolds, although I am drawing a blank on who their partners would be.Let’s go with Michael Fassbender for Jackman and T.J. Miller for Reynolds. Oh yeah…

Just imagine the fan fiction that one scene would spark… the mind boggles.

FOX would be wise to lock down a cameo or team up between these two for Deadpool II. Their gonna have truck loads of money to fund it after Deadpool crushes it at the box office.

PS… For those of you salivating over Old Man Logan, I am sorry to burst your bubble. As awesome as that would be… the rights to those characters is a maze of craziness. Let’s be honest, even if through some miracle the rights to enough of the stories characters were granted, do you think Disney/Marvel is going to allow that Hulk “Inbred” family to be put on the big screen? Never gonna happen.

It will always just be a beautiful dream until some fan film puts it together.

Putting Wolverine and Deadpool in the same movie… now that could happen.

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