If you are a child of the 80’s, your opinion of Sylvester Stallone is definitely much higher than those who weren’t alive during his heyday.  You remember when Rocky Balboa was in his prime, rather than just an aged boxer who won’t give up.  You remember when John Rambo pushed shrapnel out of his own body before cauterizing the wound by opening a bullet, then pouring the gunpowder into the wound before lighting it on fire. You remember that a man named Marion “Cobra” Cobretti was once one of the most feared cops on the streets of Los Angeles.  In other words, if you are a child of the 80’s, you are probably a Stallone fan.  Well, Stallone fans, you can now own a piece of movie history, nay, a piece of your childhood, thanks to an auction which will focus on Stallone’s movie memorabilia.


Today, Stallone announced via AP that he would be putting many iconic pieces of memorabilia up for auction with a portion of the proceeds benefitting military charities.  Some of these items will no doubt cost a king’s ransom but, hey, any item would be worth every dirty little penny.  So, what are some of the items up for bid?  Well, let’s talk Rocky, first.

Thanks to Stallone and his love of the military, you now have a chance to own Rocky’s boxing trunks, worn during his fight against Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in Rocky III!


Not enough for you?  Alright, how about this white boxing robe from Rocky IV?


Oh, ok, you want the BIG stuff…No problem!  You can actually own the motorcycle Rocky rode in Rocky III and was later repossessed in Rocky V!


Rocky Balboa is Stallone’s most beloved character and one that audiences are sure to flock to see again when he graces the screen in the upcoming Creed.

Now, don’t start thinking that Creed is just Rocky VII in disguise.  Stallone wants fans to understand that this is Michael B. Jordan’s movie, not his.

“By no means is this a Rocky 7. This is a journey for Michael B. Jordan, who is brilliant in the movie, and Ryan Coogler, [for whom] this is a very personal film.”

According to Stallone, he felt the character had run his course when he was first approached by Creed director Ryan Coogler about the role a few years back, and initially declined to reprise the role.  Then, Coogler made the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station, also starring Jordan, and circled back around to Stallone to try again.

“I’ve never seen someone who was so persistent”

Whether or not Coogler has made a fantastic movie in Creed is still to be seen but, man, that trailer looks fantastic!

Alright, back to some auction items!

Want to get in on Rambo’s machete from the fourth film in the franchise, Rambo?  You can bid on it!


Are you just dying to own John Rambo’s poncho from First Blood? Here’s your chance!


Want to show your support of our troops while still owning a piece of movie history?  Well, Rambo’s US Army jacket from First Blood would be a great way to do it!


Now, since we are talking Rambo, let’s talk a bit about the Rambo sequel that no one really wants.  Since 2008’s Rambo, which was not only a super badass flick but also gave the franchise, and the character, a proper ending, Stallone has been trying to crack the code on part five.  Luckily, it sounds like he may finally be getting to the point where even he believes Rambo’s days on screen may be behind him.  Not that he doesn’t believe the character is interesting, don’t think it for a moment!  As a matter of fact, he seems to find Rambo as a counterpoint to Balboa.

“Where Rocky is the height of optimism, this guy is the height of pessimism.  I’m torn because the last one was so satisfying and hit all the buttons.  The idea is: How do you top that? Or do you try to top that?”

Well, if he is still trying to top it, Stallone must be having a blast writing the new chapter in Rambo’s life, right?

“It really is not fun.”


Ah, ok, well, Mr. Stallone, there are plenty of people out there who would be pleased as punch if you were to just let the franchise go, so don’t put yourself through all of that on their account!  Seriously, if Stallone is insisting on pushing through the script, even though it isn’t fun, he must have a very epic bad guy in mind that he wants to see on screen, right?

“Rambo has shot just about everybody. There’s no one left. We’re down to Eskimos. And penguins.”

Joking aside, while he may jest, let’s not forget that at one point, Rambo V was rumored to have Rambo chasing down some sort of mutant creature monster thing in Mexico.  Yes, Virginia, this IS a step beyond jumping a shark, and thank you for asking!  At this point, Eskimos and penguins would be preferable.  You know, the one movie that Stallone never seems to talk sequels about is Rhinestone but there may be more people excited about where Nick Martinelli and Jake Farris wound up than they are for taking another trip with Rambo.  Seriously, wouldn’t a sequel to this be a bit more warranted?


Stallone’s auction really is for a great cause and it is pretty special that fans of the action star can own a piece of history if they have enough cash.  Head on over to the Heritage Auctions site to learn more.  They have posted a pretty cool video of Stallone hitting the warehouse where these Hollywood treasures were stored that is definitely worth a watch.

Are you going to cash in your 401k for a chance at owning Rocky’s boxing trunks?  Thinking about taking out a second mortgage to grab that gorgeous motorcycle?  Are there any other Stallone flicks that you would rather see a sequel for than Rambo?


Source: AP

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