Oh, man, Spider-Man fans, is your Spidey Sense tingling?  It looks like fans of the comic book favorite may have just been treated to an early present.  One of the toughest things about producing a movie in the Digital Age is that very few things that the filmmakers have tried to keep secret remain secret.  With Suicide Squad, for example, unofficial photos were being posted daily, most of them very obviously being cell phone photos.  Considering the audiences’ excitement for Marvel’s take on Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, it is a bit surprising that fans haven’t heard more about the character, especially with The Russo Brothers filming Captain America: Civil War, in which the web-slinger is rumored to play a part.  Well, it looks like things are finally changing a bit as we now have an unofficial cast list that may shed some light on where Spider-Man’s next stand-alone movie may be heading.

Over the past week, a few things regarding the new Spider-Man may have come to light, depending on the credibility of the information.  We may (or may not) have seen portions of the new costume via a fake Russo Brothers Twitter account, a Reddit user may (or may not) have leaked a fan art version of what may be that same new costume, and today, we have what may (or may not) be the cast list for the stand alone Spider-Man feature!  The information comes from LR, who really does not want to confirm that this image is an official cast listing.  Still, let’s take a look!


There are a few really cool things in this list that fans will no doubt pick up on straight away.  First, Robert Downey Jr. is showing as “confirmed”, which definitely makes sense, considering Sony is REALLY banking on, um, breaking the bank with the next Spider-Man flick.  The previous Spidey movies managed to make less and less cash with each entry, which prompted the Marvel/Sony deal in the first place, so bringing in an uber-bankable star like RDJ into the fold is a no brainer.  Another interesting point is that Marisa Tomei is listed as “confirmed” as Aunt May, which falls in line with rumors that have been floating around the industry for some time.

Another interesting find here is the fact that The Vulture and Scorpion are listed, with Billy Zane and Jason Briggs, respectively, in “final negotiations” to play the big baddies in the film.  While Zane is pretty wonderful in pretty much anything he happens to appear in, Biggs playing Scorpion could be a bit of a turn off for some.  Of course, this is all for fun right now anyway, so, just take a second to picture Biggs in this costume.


That was good for a chuckle!

One thing that fans may not be too excited about is the inclusion of Mary Jane Watson, with Rachel G. Fox said to be in “final negotiations”.  After Emma Stone’s turn as Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy in both Amazing Spider-Man films, the character quickly rose to the top of many “favorites lists”, eventually prompting an ongoing comic book series for the character, Spider-Gwen.  Bringing back Mary Jane may not sit well with some fans and if this list is true, Fox may have to avoid the internet for a while if she doesn’t want to experience the backlash.

As with anything you see on the line, until the information is confirmed by the studios involved, just take this with a dash of salt.  That being said, how do you feel about this cast list?  Is there another character you feel should be included?


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