In news that makes your stomach clench up, Lionsgate is working on a live action NARUTO. Hollywood’s track record with live action manga series is not something I would bet the rent on. Hell, I wouldn’t bet that nickel I found in the parking lot last week. Here’s how you can test it. Go to your local Anime Convention, stand near an exit, because you’re gonna want to make a quick departure, and yell out that anyone who didn’t like FOX‘s live action Dragonball: Evolution or M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Last Airbender can suck it. The angry mob will form quickly so don’t hang around long. Now some of you might be telling yourself, “Hey, this one might not be so bad, maybe even good!” Well, let’s look at it and see if there is any reason for hope.mgracey__130318215309

Michael Gracey is thought to be most likely to direct. You probably haven’t heard of Gracey before, I certainly hadn’t, but he is currently directing a couple of things like The Witches (Warner Bros.),  Muppet Man, (Jim Henson Biopic), an Elton John biopic Rocketman, (Focus Features), and a P.T. Barnum musical The Greatest Showman on Earth (20th Century Fox).

Naruto has a ton of material available and ranks as the third highest selling manga in history. There are ten, and soon to be eleven, full feature animated movies in the franchise. We can only hope that creator Masashi Kishimoto might have some involvement in the project in at least an advisory capacity. Avi Arad is producing, which could go either way. His Power/Ranger short went viral a couple of months ago and we can only hope that if nothing else, this Naturo adaptation will at least have some great special effects and high production values.

Let’s not get into casting yet, because that is a vipers nest of trouble. There’s sure to be some of the traditional Hollywood whitewashing there, but until we get some casting announcements, it’s not worth worrying over.

What do you think? Will this be the live action adaptation that breaks Hollywoods dismal track record? As more information comes out, we’ll bring it to you.

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