Much of professional sports is built on the inherent drama of the long-running rivalry: the Yankees and the Red Sox, the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens, and dueling quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Let’s add to that Arrow and Stardust, or rather make that Arrow star Stephen Amell and the WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes, AKA: Stardust. The simple Twitter-fight has persisted despite many fans wondering just what the point of it was, and while everyone thought that this was all leading up to face-to-face at SummerSlam, we’re actually going to get the Amell/Stardust showdown much sooner. This coming Monday to be precise.

After taking some time off to mourn the passing of his father, Stardust returned to WWE Raw last night and reignited his ongoing, inexplicable feud with Amell. The actor, presumably with the blessing of his show’s network under the theory that there’s no such things as bad press, got the greenlight to respond. Amell’s platform of choice for accepting the challenge: social media.

That one was posted to Twitter, and a similar posting was submitted to Amell’s Facebook page too. It’s somewhat doubtful that Amell will appear in the Arrow costume, although that would be pretty cool, the actor’s last appearance in the WWE he was dressed in simple street clothes. While clothes maketh man, Amell is pretty fit under that Arrow costume, so I’m sure he can hold his own against Stardust, keeping in mind, as always, that this brand of wrestling is fake.

The Amell/Stardust showdown will take place on Monday Night Raw on August 10 on the USA Network. Stephen Amell returns as Arrow this coming October on the CW.


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