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The Epic Rap Battles in History You Tube channel is known for pairing up icons of popular culture and letting loose some sick burns. Empires collide in their latest video, which sees the father of the Marvel Superhero world Stan Lee take on the puppet master behind Sesame Street and The Muppets, Jim Henson.

Both are responsible for have huge impact on our culture and society… but how do they fair with freestyle raps? 

Jim Henson vs. Stan Lee truly is one of the best Epic Rap Battles Of History to come along in a while. Not only are the burns sick, but the humor is hilariously self-aware, and was as a little emotional too. It shows how two people fight against each other and eventually realize that they are too great a friend to be fighting and when he says “everyone has a time to go” and kermit gets depressed and says “yeah”. Man, who knew Epic Rap Battles would pull such feels. But then you’re made to watch both of them suffer at the hands of their Disneyland-lord.

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