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Half way through Civil War #2, I found myself thinking how much more I was enjoying it than many ongoing series. A lot of the satisfaction is in seeing long-standing characters, like Peter Parker or Jennifer Walters, presented differently – changed by the years of conflict in this reality. This issue continues to reveal how life has changed in each half that the country’s been split into – the Iron and the Blue. Meanwhile, both President Stark and General Rogers are preparing their next move. The scene in which we learn of Gen Rogers’s secret weapon is particularly interesting and well written. I would absolutely love to see Marvel’s next epic-scale event given over to Charles Soule.

Growing up, I was a big fan of the Shadow. There’ve been a few modern comic series that were decent – I liked Howard Chaykin’s take on the character. But many seem to to miss the tone, often trying to fit the character into a superhero or other genre mold. But when I saw that Cullen Bunn (Wolf Moon, Harrow County) was writing this new volume, I was pretty excited. Sure enough, this is how the Shadow should be – a certain amount of horror element, as well as mystery. Giovanni Timpano’s art fits what seems to be the Dynamite house style – people are too loose and runny for my tastes and not structured enough. However, Timpano does focus at times and use enough detail, paticularly in faces, that I appreciated the results. The story of Lamont Cranston’s vengeful alter ego protecting the late Harry Houdini’s legacy against a cult of death-worshiping magicians is original and still true to the character. It never feels as though we’re rehashing any story that’s come before, and yet not trying to reinvent the character. This new #1 is just a buck, so give it a try.

Image’s new series of the week, Dark Corridor, is ongoing and that’s a good thing because this entertaining crime noir has room to grow. Fans of Jim Thompson & Richard Stark novels, as well as Quentin Tarantino or Elmore Leonard, will gobble this up. The format is reminiscent of Sin City, the way that it tells short stories that revolve around related characters living in the same city. The art takes a little getting used to – very cartoonish, similar to Charles Burns. But it works and adds to the quirky tone of the often times violent stories. Writer Rich Tommaso has had some modest success with The Horror of Collier County, a 5 issue series from Dark Horse, and his graphic novel Clover Honey, but this is his first series on this scale. I expect it’ll do quite well.

I would’ve preferred that the Infinity Gauntlet had involved Thanos in the story sooner than #3, but we’re here now. In fact, this issue is essentially told from the mad Titan’s point of view, and things are getting more interesting. I’ve enjoyed this Secret Wars title and how little it resembled any other Marvel book. It’s always had more of an indie feel to me. Now, things are shifting to a more traditional Marvel tale as Dustin Weaver and Gerry Duggan take the focus off Anwen and her family, and give even time to them, Thanos, and Peter Quill & Gamora. Some of the interaction & dialogue becomes jumbled this issue with the growing ensemble cast, but it recovers. How long before our cast realize Thanos’s true motives?

Why anyone would not have picked up the latest series by Brian K Vaughan (Saga, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina) and then not continue to read #2 is beyond me. But just in case you were struck with amnesia and forgot about the impressive debut of We Stand on Guard, then allow me to instruct you to purchase this series post-haste. Or maybe you did get #1 and figured it was a fluke and that #2 would reveal this series to actually be sub-par. Wrong. I talk a lot about my varying preferences of ongoing series vs limited series. WSoG absolutely needs to be ongoing and I cannot fathom how BkV will wrap this up in 5 issues.

Alright, raise your hand if you’ve already seen the new Deadpool trailer that premiered (officially, anyway) on Conan last night. Everybody? That’s what I thought. Seriously, though – how many comic book movies have gotten as close to the source material as this one appears to have? Personally, I think a lot of that spirit is owed to the fact they went for a hard R-rating. Then on top of that we get the animated eyes on the mask, Wade’s dialogue, the spitting image of his costume – c’mon! Honestly, I don’t read Deadpool comics, but I can’t imagine how this won’t be entertaining. Well, if there’s more fighting than there is substance, then it could happen. But hopefully the ratio of talky to punchy is smart. It’ll be very interesting to see how an R-rated comic book movie does at the box office now that we’ve had blockbusters like Avengers and GotG.

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