Many of us that are finely attuned to the pop culture world have already heard the story floating around the internet, but in case it hasn’t crossed your path yet, let me overview it for you: Private Eye, a British satire magazine with a penchant for being spot-on with its BBC-related insider info, is reporting that Doctor Who won’t have a full season produced in 2016, a rumor that surely makes Whovians across the globe grip their sonic screwdrivers tight in angsty anticipation.  While we can’t confirm whether the rumor is true, the news may not actually be as bad as you think.

From Private Eye, officially, here is the word as it came down:


The key takeaway here, of course, is the phrase “full series” in the last sentence.  Prior to catching on in a wide-scale manner with the 2005 revival of the series after being essentially off the air for 16 years (excepting the 1996 Paul McGann TV movie, of course), DW existed in 30-minute episodes that were often shown in “serialized” form, with story arcs ranging from 4 episodes to 10 or more.  Even with the newer series, we’ve already had one “season” with fewer episodes than normal – presented as extended-viewing-time specials – and two series that were split into two halves and shown across different viewing years.  So the concept of a Doctor Who “full series” has always been, pardon the pun, a little alien to begin with.

So – the hope, of course, is that even though there has been talk of having “no full series” in 2016, we’ll still be given adventures in time and space via one of the other options mentioned above.  I have no doubt that Steven Moffatt is staying incredibly busy with his multiple shows, and it speaks volumes that the series he runs do so well with the viewing public.  As with most instances where a rumor precedes an actual news release, all we can do for now is speculate and wait for a more “official” word to come down.

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