As FOX‘s latest attempt to create a Fantastic Four franchise continues to smolder after the epic nuclear box office meltdown opening, you might have expected the Dog-Pile-On attitude to waver a bit after everyone got that initial glob of vile tasting movie experience out of their mouths with a few barbed comments. I mean, no one expects FOX to just give Marvel back the rights to the Fantastic Four….or do they? That’s right, there’s a Change.Org petition to force FOX to sell back the rights to Marvel. Have you signed it yet?11-Grounded

Maxance VINCENT of Montreal has started a Change.Org petition saying:

Josh Tank’s Fantastic Four was a major disappointment. Critics and fans of the film panned the movie and performed poorly at the box office. Please sign this petition so we can have a great adaptation of Marvel’s first family once and for all. Sign this petition also because WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER SEQUEL!!!!! Let the fans have what they want and MAKE FOX SELL THE RIGHTS BACK TO MARVEL!!!!

Now, we all know in our head that no one can really force them to sell those rights back, but deep in our hearts we can hope that an overwhelming fan response might help FOX make that Sony Spider-Man leap and share those rights with Marvel. Why not let Marvel take the lead in producing the next Fantastic Four movie and bring those characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For fans, it is a no brainer. FOX hasn’t really made a good Fantastic Four movie yet, and Marvel is on a roll when it comes to translating from the comic book page to the big screen. We certainly wouldn’t have gotten a Doctor Doom that looked like this from Marvel:


Marvel’s Doom would look more like this:


Now FOX is standing behind their movie, mainly because there really isn’t anywhere to hide anyways. While they still have a sequel planned for June 2nd, 2017, I wouldn’t hold my breath. At best the next FOX lead appearance of the Fantastic Four would be in a crossover type movie with the X-Men where the Fab Four are more guest stars.

Let’s all pop over and sign up and then hope that FOX bends a bit in the wind to let Marvel have a crack at bringing fans the Fantastic Four movie they’ve all been waiting for.

Via: Change.org

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