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2014’s Godzilla reboot was a fantastic film. Yes, it spent a little too much time on set up, but the nuclear lizard-fueled beat downs that followed were more than worth the wait. It also killed it at the box office, so its sequel felt like a total inevitability by the time the dust settled. Legendary Pictures wisely chose to bring back the creative team behind it for the sequel and its writer, Max Borenstein, has gone on record with a tantalizing teaser for the upcoming film, and we’ve got that juicy little quote here for you to wet your appetite.

During a TCA event for his new series Minority Report, Borenstein had this to say on the film’s scope and progress:

I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great. I don’t want to go off book and tell you anything that I’m not allowed to tell you. The response to the first film was really exciting, but now that that world is established, we can do bigger and even better things. We’re really stoked.

Sounds like good progress has been made. It will be cool to see how they plan on taking advantage of having the origin story out of the way, and having this neat little universe established for themselves. More information will likely trickle through as the film makes progress through the production process but, in the spirit of speculation, let’s assume that we’ll be seeing some established Godzilla monsters make an appearance. It would be badass to see something like Mothra make an appearance, though it may feel too similar to the creatures featured in the first film.

A man-made Mecha-Godzilla could be fun, especially if it’s made as a military response to Godzilla’s destructive power. Maybe something totally new again? Either way, it’s shaping up to be one hell of an exciting project.

What do you think, fellow nerds? Are you stoked to spend more time with Godzilla or do you think he should stay dormant? What creatures would you like to see imagined in this new universe? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section.

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