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Doctor Who season 8 wasn’t the best of seasons, but it did usher in Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. While there weren’t any particular strong episodes, Capaldi himself was interesting to watch. He brought new demeanor and complexities to the role, yet made us feel like we’ve known him as the Doctor all along. He’s doing good stuff.

Now, if only showrunner Steven Moffat can build us some episodes that are worth Capaldi’s presence. Will season 9 deliver? It’s hard to say, but this new season does look to be keeping up with a rotation of villains, baddies, and the Doctor teaching them a lesson.

Doctor Who‘s 9th season starts on September 19, and it is looking all different kinds of intense.  There are new, creepy looking monsters, and did you see Clara with that rocket launcher!?  It seems that maybe the slow start of season 8 plus the Christmas special have finally ignited some vigor for the doctor.

The trailer was mostly flashes of action, but there were some character shots in there worth noting.  One being Maisie Williams, of Game of Thrones.  Although there’ve been no spoilers on who she’ll play, she already seems to have fallen in with all the action.  We also glimpsed Missy, aka, The Master, played by Michelle Gomez; a bit weird since The Doctor vanquished her at the end of season 8.

The doctor playing guitar, Arya Stark on horseback… this finally feels like the fun and exciting season we’ve been waiting for Capaldi to lead us on! “He hasn’t got a plan,” Clara tells us in the trailer, “but he will have. And it’ll be spectacular.”  Let’s hope she’s right!

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