While there have been other Star Trek cruises in the past, this marks the first officially CBS licensed Star Trek Cruise. Hosting duties for this cruise fell to Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner. It’s probably better that I am not able to go, I’d be hoping for “Gilligan’s Island 3 Hour Tour” type event that would strand me on an island with Shatner and the other Star Trek hosts where we’d make Bamboo huts, coconut radios, and talk Trek.

Shatner had this to say:

I am excited to be the host of Star Trek: The Cruise. When I was told that this was the first authorized Star Trek cruise and part of the 50th anniversary celebration, I just knew that my participation would be something that our fans would enjoy. It should be a lot of fun.

Currently Shatner is joined by:


Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Robert Picardo from Star Trek: Voyager, James Darren from Deep Space Nine, Denise Crosby from The Next Generation plus John de Lancie from TNG, Voyager and Deep Space Nine will all be part of our inaugural journey. All the actors will participate in a variety of unique activities throughout the cruise with a focus on unconventional experiences like never before at any Star trek event.

Yes, finally a chance to play Shuffleboard with my favorite Star Trek actors.


There’s also a special band, The Enterprise Blues Band made up of Vaughn Armstrong, Steve Rankin and Casey Biggs. All three have appeared on various Star Trek series, will Riker join them on the trombone for a few songs?

OK, while a lot of us might make fun of this, a cruise might be the best way to meet and hang out with some of your Star Trek crushes. Sorry, Wesly Crusher, Wil Wheaton isn’t signed up… yet. The cost starts at $1200, and while that looks like a lot, consider what you’d pay for a weekend convention and it comes out looking pretty good. Especially when you take into account the extra days in the cruise, and the limited amount of fellow fans on board which should guarantee some face time with each guest.

Will you be taking to the high seas on a Star Trek adventure where frankly, others have gone before?

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