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Rocksteady’s fantastic Batman series may have come to a close, but as we all know, they’re never short on awesome goodies for the fans. In this package, we’ll see the  1989 film’s hardass Batman who danced with the devil in the ‘goofy artist’ Tim Burton’s dark masterpiece…

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With this package, you’ll get to drive the sweetest Batmobile of all time (try us) and stalk the streets of Gotham as the film incarnation which captured the imaginations
of millions in the late Eighties. Naturally, there are even a few extra driving stages as well. The cool thing is that they’re based on the under-appreciated sequel Batman Returns, so expect penguins. Not only that, but there’s a Bat Family addition to all this nostalgic spectacle.

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These skins are from a few different timelines, like the 70s Batman, Iconic Black and Gray, Arkham Origins, 90s Catwoman, Arkham Nightwing, and One Year Later Robin.  If you bought the Season Pass, you can snag these babies. Also,  for $1.99 you can buy these individually. Sound good? You know it is.

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