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Several rumors about Nintendo releasing their first mobile game have been circulating over the last two years ago. But, it was only recently that they broke their silence regarding their game app project with video game developer DeNA.

What should we expect from the first Nintendo-licensed mobile game? Should we expect the company’s famous titles to be ported to smartphones?

Despite the sudden death of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in July, the company is still positive about  pushing forward with their plans to release their first mobile game this year. DeNA, another video game  developer from Japan, is working with the console giant to launch their first licensed mobile game  application. In fact, DeNA CEO Isao Moriyaso said that they will now solely work on building mobile apps  rather than Nintendo software – a sign that they are focusing their attention on the mobile market.

New Market, Fresh Games

In a previous interview with Iwata, he disclosed that it took them a while to join the mobile gaming  industry, as they wanted to fix “certain issues” first. To avoid competing with their 3DS, he made it clear that they are building games for the mobile platform that are not the same as the ones on the dedicated gaming device.

The goal is not to port titles, but to build new ones. Nintendo wants to create new special games with the same gaming style and sensibilities of the company for mobile devices. So, we can dismiss rumors that the Pokemon Shuffle will arrive on our smartphones soon, because this is not a porting job at all.

Mobile Technicalities

Android devices will be one of the first to get access to the first game app by Nintendo. Gamers with more powerful and advanced devices will be able to get the most from Nintendo’s upcoming releases as the company is known to produce high quality games with impressive gameplay. Premium Android smartphones like the Galaxy S6 were featured by O2 come with 64-bit processor, advance graphic chip, and large HD screens that are perfect for every player’s gaming needs. Of course, iOS devices will also be included in Nintendo’s list of markets to penetrate, but they will have to make their apps fit for the strict requirements that Apple set out.

They Won’t Be Free In The Long Run

The apps may come free of charge at first, but this certainly won’t last for long. Iwata made it clear in a separate interview that they are taking out the “free-to-play” idea regarding their upcoming apps. Instead, they want to call it “free-to-start,” as it more aptly describes that you can play it for free at the beginning but not forever.

In addition, the company is planning to launch a mobile membership service. This will allow certain gamers more access to Nintendo’s list of game apps in the future. And, we expect it to come with a price tag, too.

The Real Thing

What is certain right now is that DeNA is working on five mobile games under Nintendo’s license, with the first title to premiere before the end of this year. The rest of the game apps are set to be launched separately up until April 2017. DeNA CEO said that the five games will represent different properties gamers love about Nintendo, and they hope to explore multiple other genres across the release.

Apart from their mobile application, Nintendo is also working on a new console called NX. Previously announced at the E3 event, the said console is unlikely be released until mid-next year, according to some reports.

What do you expect to see from Nintendo’s first licensed mobile app? Share your thoughts with us in our comment section below.

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