A man named Josh Dunlap recently shared a heartwarming post to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s Facebook. The subject of the post was his son, Sawyer, a four year old struggling with Dyspraxia, and the unlikely character that inspired the progressive strides Sawyer is making. Dyspraxia is a condition that affects one’s motor skills, including verbally forming speech, so it’s definitely interesting that after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, Sawyer took in the most from the character that spoke the least: Groot.

Here’s more of the full Facebook post:

“He began to mimic him and he would use the word “Bah” for a lot, but after he saw the film, he would change the tone in which he said it to convey a different meaning. He would also start saying Groot for many things as well.”

Through speech classes, Sawyer is slowly getting even better at communicating since then. Gunn responded in a comment:

“I have many friends who get a lot of negative messages online – I’m very grateful for the huge, vast majority of positive and kind people who follow me here, on Twitter, and Instagram. I get to hear stories like this, and then read all the amazing comments [below]. Truly wonderful.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.46.00 PM

It’s times like these when super heroes truly become super heroes.  How great is it that this boy could latch on to a character in pop culture, and through identifying with and studying him, enrich his own life?  Well, we can’t say he didn’t warn us in the movie- “We are Groot!”

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