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Comic book super hero The Vision made his cinematic debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Being thrown into the mix among characters already established across multiple films had made his introduction a challenging sell. Director Joss Whedon gave him a particularly “worthy” moment that instantly pushed the character over, cementing his place among the rest of The Avengers. What made him worthy? Well, that particular question was left unanswered. If you look, though, at what star Paul Bettany had to go through getting suited up as The Vision, you may have your answer.

In advance of Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 2, Marvel has released a clip featuring Paul Bettany recollecting getting the offer to play Vision, as well getting into the costume and make-up chair.

Some fans didn’t like the way Vision was portrayed – upset that his origin was too convoluted.  While there’s is some truth to that, there’s no arguing just how cool the character appeared on screen; looking familiar to the source material, yet, being believably modern. Where he could have been an entirely CG driven character, his presence on screen looked as good as it did because of the choice in having an actor on set, in costume, wearing make-up. And sure, the final look was polished out with CG, but, using costume acting as the base is what truly brought this character to life.

An hour and half in a make-up chair is not bad all things consider. Walking around like a liquid-cooled PC rig on the other hand, is a worthy feat all its on.

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