Spinmaster is pulling out all the stops with their upcoming Yoda collectible.  Slashfilm has a first look featurette video on the interactive capabilities for the Yoda figure.

Spinmaster’s Yoda figure has  three different Jedi Approved modes: Warrior Mode, Force Mode, and Wisdom Mode. 

WARRIOR MODE:  Seven motors power his breakthrough 360-degree, lifelike movement. You can send him on the attack, or follow along with his advanced lightsaber techniques as he guides you on the path to Jedi Mastery. Did I mention, Yoda swings his signature green light-up lightsaber!

FORCE MODE:When the dark side threatens, Yoda’s hand lights up with a glowing “Force blast!” and he unleashes iconic quotes from the Jedi Order.  Learn to Force push and send Yoda flying back.

WISDOM MODE: Yoda answers your questions and senses whether you’re strong in the force… or the dark side. His voice recognition has six key phrases and he will answer yes or no questions revealing his secrets and wisdom.

The figure retails at $179, and you can look up more info about it on  the Amazon product page here.

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