There’s an interesting new Indiegogo campaign for UMW (United Weapons Master) looking to raise $100,000 to fund further development of their Lorica suit of customized intelligent combat armor (Named after the Roman Legion armor). Currently the campaign has raised over $40,000 in 8 days. The plan is to create a whole new venue for martial and weapons artists to safely display their full contact fighting talents for fighting fans around the globe. As our favorite Starship Trooper media guy might ask: Would you like to know more?Poster-2MB-e1440388338200

Here’s the UWM’s explanation of what they are aiming for:

A revolutionary, new combat sport and entertainment experience, Unified Weapons Master® combines cutting-edge technology with traditional martials arts weapons to allow real, weapons-based combat in a dynamic and highly entertaining format.

Our customised, intelligent armour and scoring system calculates the force and location of strikes to the fighters in real time enabling full-contact combat with extreme levels of protection. This means that for the first time ever, weapons-based martial arts experts from throughout the globe can compete against one another to determine who is the Unified Weapons Master®.

Here’s the Indiegogo promotional pitch video:

Damn, that looks incredibly fun doesn’t it? I can already imagine all the various styles of fighting and weapons that we might see. The group is aiming to have televised stadium style fights by 2017.


These high-tech suits will make sport combat more realistic than ever

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, August 29, 2015


What do you think? Will this take off like a rocket or is it just another pipe dream? You can check out their bonuses for contributing and all the other bells and whistles they are promising over at their Indiegogo page.

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