First, there was the announcement that Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, was to report directly to Alan Horn, Disney Studio Chief, rather than Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter. Now, it seems that another big change will be rocking Marvel Studios.  BirthMoviesDeath has been letting the word out that the Marvel Creative Committee has disbanded.

The Committee was responsible for overseeing the development of Marvel Studios projects, and was comprised of people like Alan Fine (President of Marvel Entertainment), Brian Michael Bendis (a huge name in comic writing), Dan Buckley (Marvel Comics Publisher), and Joe Quesada (Marvel Chief Creative Officer). They would offer insights and tips, guiding projects through the transition from rough draft to final product.

Conflictingly, not everyone sees the group disbanding as the worst thing. BirthMoviesdeath also shared that the Committee could be frustrating and suffocating creatively, often focusing “on details of nit-picky science that ignored the general tone of the script itself”. The site goes as far as to suggest this micromanaging as the reason Edgar Wright walked out on the Ant-Man film. Another downside of the Committee was that the members couldn’t simultaneously do the other important jobs they held within the publisher, which slowed the filmmaking process.

Captain America: Civil War and possibly Dr. Strange could very well be the last projects that all the members of the Committee and Perlman oversee together, although an altered version of the Committee may continue at Marvel TV, where Perlmutter still reigns control. The word now is that Feige, Louis D’Esposito and Victoria Alonso will take over the projects without any influence from the Committee as these changes occur.

What do you think about the disbanding? Was the oversight of the Committee key in ensuring top-notch quality and keeping the films true to the comics? Or did they do more harm than good, keeping the movies too formulaic and dictating too many parameters?

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