It’s hard to imagine, although it has occasionally happened, seeing a Marvel movie where Stan Lee doesn’t cameo. About 50 Marvel movies so far, and only a handful haven’t featured a sneaky appearance by the man who created most of the Marvel Universe, in fact it’s part of the fun of seeing a Marvel movie, wondering where Stan the Man might turn up next. From X-Men to the Hulk, Spider-Man to the Avengers, Lee has worked with them all, which begs the question, does Lee have a favorite among the actors that have brought his characters to life to far? It turns out he does, and the hero in question is painted red, white and blue in costume.

While talking to Larry King, the king of talk asked the king of comics which actor he’s bonded with most on the set of the numerous Marvel films Lee has visited. It turns out that Lee gets along famously with the man that plays the Star Spangled Avenger Captain America, AKA: Chris Evans. Here’s the exchange.

Larry King: Who is the Marvel actor that you’ve bonded with the most?

Stan Lee: The Marvel actor? Chris, the fellow who plays Captain America.

Larry King: Oh, he’s a good actor.

Stan Lee: He was The Human Torch…

Larry King: Was?

Stan Lee: And then they made him Captain America. And he’s the greatest guy! But I love them all!

Good save, Stan. Lee’s most recent appearance with Evans was in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he played one of Captain America’s fellow World War II veterans. He’s the guy that tries Thor’s “magical elixir” despite warnings that it might be too much for mortal men. It was hilarious.

Next up for Lee, likely a cameo in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War with his best buddy Evans. The film will be in theaters everywhere on May 6, 2016.


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