‘Mega Man’ Is Coming To The Big Screen


Gamers across the globe may be able to connect in ways that were not possible back in the 80’s, in games that get even more realistic and immersive with each generation.  Seriously, have you seen that Halo 5 opening cinematic? It is incredible.  Still, there is little argument against the belief that some of the best games ever made were given birth during the Golden Age of Console Gaming.  One of the games that is held in such high esteem is the absolutely wonderful Mega Man.  Not only did the game lead to over 50 sequels/versions over multiple platforms that seemed to get better with each entry, but the 8-bit hero also inspired several comic book titles, a couple of animated series, a novel, and even several soundtracks that fans have scrambled to collect.  Today, word has it that the battle robot is set for another big adventure, this time, on the big screen.

The Tracking Board is reporting that 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment will be bringing the fan favorite character to life in a film that will be overseen on the Chernin side by David Ready and Michael Finfer, while Peter Chernin produces, and on the Fox side, Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan will be overseeing the project.

For the unaware, Mega Man started out as a robot named “Rock”, who was created by Dr. Light as a lab assistant.  When Dr. Wily decides to take over the world using a variety of robots, Dr. Light transforms Rock into Mega Man to save the world.


If you are a fan of the franchise, you are either cheering right now or getting those fingers ready for some poisonous comments but before you go too far, no matter which side you land on, it may pay to wait a bit before reacting too emotionally.  Yes, it is almost an undisputed fact that video game movie adaptations are pretty much all terrible but there are a few exceptions to the rule.  At this point, there isn’t nearly enough information to form a real opinion on the subject but you can rest assured we will continue to fuel your optimism/dread with the details as they become available.

Who would like to see strap on the arm cannon? Which robot villains are you hoping to see make it to the screen?


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