FAN EXPO 2015: Cosplay from Day 3


No, that is not a clone of Leonard Nimoy or even a close relative. He’s just a remarkable facsimile of the late beloved Star Trek actor, and he was using that likeness to raise money for epilepsy. Spock was one of numerous characters one could encounter on the convention floor, and Saturday was full of Starfleet officers in all eras of uniforms. And then there’s the guy dresses as Next Generation villain Q. And video game hero Mega Man. And new space age heroes Star Lord and Groot. And is that, yes, Darth Vader: Hawaiian Style?! Those are just some of the many costumes and cosplayers that were seen out and about on the convention floor as Fan Expo went into the second half for 2015. Check out below the third and final cosplay photo gallery. 

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