Aside from the special ticket events with the companions of Doctor Who and the Hogwarts Reunion, the Q&A with Jason Momoa was easily the most packed event of the Fan Expo thus far. The actor is well liked for his time on Stargate Atlantis and appearing in the first season of Game of Thrones, but many in attendance were curious about Momoa’s next big role: playing Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe starting with next spring’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sadly though, Momoa was very shy about sharing, well, anything.

The audience tried their best with trying to get any details from Momoa, one fan addressed him as an Atlantean citizen, another tried to find out if his Aquaman will have blonde hair like his comic book counterpart, but Momoa gave nothing up and merely sat their like he was sitting on the biggest secret he was dying to tell. He probably was. Momoa did confess thought that Zack Snyder used a real tattoo on his left arm, which is a kind of coat of arms for his family from Hawaii, as an inspiration for the full body tattoos on Aquaman.

Momoa also talked candidly about the opportunities his new gig would afford him. “I’m going to be doing these superhero movie for a while, and I want to do other things as an artist,” he said. He’s working hard building his production company Pride of Gypsies, making short films and commercials that let him stretch. “I just want to keep doing things on an artistic level,” he said.

Of course, Aquaman wasn’t the only thing worth talking to Momoa about. Many were curious about his brief time on Game of Thrones playing the Dothraki king, Khal Drogo. “I knew it was going to be huge, and HBO put everything into it, it’s the role of a lifetime, I will never have an opportunity like that again,” Momoa recalled. “To date it’s definitely the greatest thing I’ve done as an actor and it’s hands down the most artist and beautiful piece of work. It’s pretty much the greatest experience I had of my acting career.”

One fan nerded out about Momoa’s  brief tenure as Conan the Barbarian, and whether he felt uncertain about stepping into the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the movie. “We didn’t have anything in common so it’s two completely different versions,” Momoa said. “I felt that Arnold didn’t really capture what [Conan] really is. He looks good, he looks amazing, but he’s a body builder and I’m an actor.”

In fact, Momoa hadn’t even watched the John Milius film before he made the 2011 Conan. “You can’t come close to Arnold,” he added, “so I really didn’t have any trepidation. I did all the research I thought was important, so ignorance is bliss.”

As one fan stated, it was nice to see Momoa laughing and speaking English. Whether it’s his big breakthrough in Stargate Atlantis, or Game of Thrones, or his upcoming superheroics, Momoa is a man known for few words and big action, which is why is response to the question about whose his favorite superhero is was so telling. “I’m going to have to go with Batman,” he said. “I was at the prime age when Michael Keaton came out in Tim Burton’s movie.”

Understandably the crowd  was aghast, how could he play Aquaman say he’d rather be Batman. “I’ve got to put food on the table,” he said “It’s all about food, bro. And survival. I’ve got two kids too.”  Fair enough.

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