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We’re a little more than a month away from the premiere of the sixth season of The Walking Deadand while Fear The Walking Dead is offering some comfort in these torturous Daryl-free times, we decided to comb through the bloody past of the main series to pull out some of the most badass death scenes.

Warning, if you’re not caught up with The Walking Dead, there will be spoilers ahead, so you might want to close this tab and open one up one for Netflix so you can catch your ass up.

And now, without further ado, here are the gruesome end moments from old favorites and a few characters you may not remember. Because, in case you also forgot, there have been a ton of deaths on The Walking Dead.



After he began to feel the effects of the infection, Jim (one of the early survivors) begged off the trip to Atlanta and asked to be left alone and refused the offer of a gun, preferring to let the disease work through him and turn. Pretty bad ass, especially when you consider that his whole family got torn up by zombies.



Otis had no real flaws other than his lack of fleet-footedness, and oh yeah he shot Carl. He got the short end of the stick when Shane needed a distraction to get away, and was shot in the leg leaving him as an all-you-can-eat zombie buffet.

Barn full of zombies


Members of the Greene family, farm neighbors, and the LOOOOOOOOOOONG lost Sophia were among the zombies that were chilling out in Herschel’s barn. All these zombies were massacred by Daryl, Glen, Shane, T-Dog, and Andrea, with everyone’s least favorite blonde sharpshooter landing a critical head-shot with a sickle to Annette Greene. That was pretty bad ass. The grim task of shooting zombie Sophia in the head? Just sad, but Rick had to do it.



They started as near brothers and ended when Shane got stabbed in the heart after Rick gave him his gun during a heated battle. Rick’s last words to Shane were, “This is on you , not me! You did this to us, not me!” Shane soon dies in Rick’s arms and comes back a zombie only to have Carl land the final head shot. A brutal end for a character who would fit right in with Rick and the gang now.



During a walker kill Tomas took a purposeful shot at Rick, and at one point pushed a walker directly onto him. Rick responds to Tomas’ shrugging “Shit happens”with a well placed machete to Tomas’ head. I guess Tomas was right, shit happens.



While being trapped with Carol in the catacombs of the prison, T-Dog tells her, “I’m dead, just go!” as two walkers start ripping the flesh off of him. T-Dog may have not had the biggest role in the group, but at least he died a hero. Cool comfort to IronE Singleton when he’s sitting at a comic book convention table signing autographs instead of kicking it in Alexandria, but that’s life on The Walking Dead.



It’s no surprise that Warren (that’s his name!) found a gruesome end after rolling with the Governor’s posse and kidnapping Maggie and Glen, but the farmer’s daughter puncturing his throat with a spare bone was a little bit of an eye opener. Rule #1: don’t f*** with Maggie.

Zombiefied Penny Blake


While the Governor begged Michonne to let his little zombie daughter live, Michonne ignored his pleas and then thrust her katana sword into the back of Penny’s head. Revenge has been served!


While Merle’s direct death was not all that bad ass, the lead up (including his one-man Motorhead party) certainly earns him a spot on this list.

During a fight with the Governor, Merle got choked, had 2 fingers bitten off and then was shot in the chest before ultimately turning into a zombie. Daryl was later forced to stab zombie-Merle in the face several times.

Caesar Martinez


Caesar was brutally beaten with a golf club by the Governor and was then dragged to a pit of zombies where they picked him apart after pulling him into the pit. A pretty bad ass death for another on of the Governor’s flunkees.


Hershel death

In that The Walking Dead comic and show sometimes diverge there are times when one character will step in for another. Extra spoiler alert here if you haven’t read the comics, but in the book, Robert Kirkman has the Governor take a katana to Tyrese’s head. Regardless, it’s one of the book’s most shocking deaths, and while you may have seen it coming as soon as you saw Hershel on his knees, the graphic depiction of the decapitation and the typically great special effects really sock you in the gut.

The Governor

Governor Stabbed

As the show’s biggest villain (to that point and probably up until we meet Negan) seemingly everyone wanted to get a piece of The Governor, so when it came time to put him down, it was no surprise that Rick got to get in a few shots before Michonne ran her sword through his back, leaving him for dead… and by that I mean, leaving him for Lily to get her own revenge.


Joe’s death was a simple but awesome death. In a brutal fight to save his son, Rick tears out Joe’s jugular with his teeth. Just a reminder that your teeth can be used as weapons when all else fails.

Terminus Massacres

zombie explosion

A cornucopia of carnage from everyone’s favorite cookie maker as Carol set the gang free by freeing the beast on Terminus while covered in zombie blood. This is Carol’s only entry on the list (because Lizzie was heartbreaking, not bad ass) but she makes it count.



You better believe Rick Grimes means it when he makes a promise. Cannibal leader and micro managing douche bag Gareth begged for Rick to let him live and Rick responded with the swipe of a machete.


Tyler James Williams as Noah - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

And so ends the post-apocalyptic adventures of young Chris Rock.


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