While Peter Dinklage has been killing it on Game of Thrones, his voice over work in Destiny has left quite a lot to be desired by players. Most chalked it up to the actor taking a job he really wasn’t interested in and when they lob great handfuls of cash in your face for a few hours work in a studio, who can blame him for cashing in. Yesterday the big 2.0 Destiny patch went live with the added replacement of Dinklage’s voice over work as Ghost by veteran voice actor Nolan North. How do the two compare?

Nicknamed the “Dinklebot” a lot of players were divided about Dinklage’s work, some coming to love the quirky timing and awkward phrasing of his Ghost. Well, any hopes of having Dinklage do more is out the window as Nolan North steps in. Polygon has put together a comparison video you can check out below.


Yeah, I can see why folks were more than a little disappointed by Dinklage’s take on Ghost. After seeing him on Game of Thrones, The Station Agent, and his numerous appearances on shows like 30 Rock, I would have been expecting something magical, definitely something more than what we ended up with.

What do you think? Once Game of Thrones gets back on television Dinklage can start to erase those Destiny memories from fans minds, as his role in the series continues to expand.

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