The BBC has released a prologue for Series 9 (Yeah, Yeah, Series 9 not Season 9 I get it, I get it.) that poses a hell of a lot more questions than it answers. Not that I expected any answers, that’s not the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) style or Modus operandi. We do get to see Clarie Higgins back as Ohila, the High Priestess from The Night of the Doctor. I’ve embedded that short below as well. Are you ready to get back in the TARDIS for Series 9?

Let’s jump right in.

Lots of questions in there. Just who is requesting a meeting with the Doctor? Why would meeting him destroy the Doctor? What was that thing the Doctor gave Ohila? Who is she supposed to give it to?

The priestesses of Karn are an interesting bunch.

The Sisterhood of Karn was a female society dedicated to protecting the Sacred Flame, which produced the Elixir of Life. (TV: The Brain of Morbius) The Eighth Doctor mockingly referred to this as the flame of utter boredom. (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

What other Timelord Science are they privy to? Will they be happy to see Missy the Master (Michelle Gomez) when Clara (Jenna Coleman) show up looking for the Doctor? Hopefully we might find out the answers to a few of these questions when Doctor Who Series 9 returns to television September 19th.

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