I don’t know about you, but as soon as I saw our group of survivors reach the walled town of Alexandria I began to wonder when one of the coolest characters from The Walking Dead comic book series would make the transition from the comic book page to the small screen. Who might that character be? Why, Jesus of course! The kung-fu flying kick badass that helps Rick and company in some very tricky situations. Entertainment Tonight has some exclusive on set pictures that just might mark the appearance of Paul Monroe, better known as Jesus to the Alexandria survivors because of his long hair and beard and his easy-going forgiving nature.


If Daryl Dixon is the one television character that comic book fans want to see jump to the comic book page, Jesus is the comic book character that most want to make the leap to television. Seeing both of them together will be incredible. There were a lot of people thinking there was a Jesus Easter Egg in last season that showed his last name on the wall, but:


That is R. Monroe, which is Reg Monroe the husband of Alexandria’s leader Diana. He’s the architect and builder of the wall surrounding Alexandria. He died in the season finale when he was cut down with Michonne’s sword by Pete Anderson who was killed by Rick right as Morgan entered Alexandria.

Here’s the ET video of the on set pictures:

The actor is playing this part is unknown at this time, which makes me wonder if he really is Jesus or it is a coincidence in costuming, which even now sounds like a weak excuse. Could Paul Monroe be another relative of Diana Monroe that comes to find her? For all we know Paul Monroe has been there the whole time as we’ve really only seen a handful of the people who live in Alexandria.

I do think that Jesus would be an interesting addition to the cast. Kirkman has said this about the character:

When I realized that I’d gotten so far into Jesus’s story, that he’d been in so many issues and I’d never addressed his sexuality, I saw it as an opportunity to address the fact that a character’s sexuality shouldn’t matter. Jesus is the character he is, he’s cool, he’s capable and he’s a bad ass, and he just happens to be totally into dudes. Not ALL dudes, just like straight women aren’t into ALL dudes…but he’s totally into guys.

And that doesn’t matter.

I’ll continue to tell stories with Jesus, and he’ll continue to be the same character he always was, and sometimes his sexuality will come up, and sometimes it won’t. Just like Rick doesn’t stand around talking about how much he likes women. Because it really doesn’t matter.

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