Jenna Coleman Is Saying Good-Bye To The TARDIS


You love Doctor Who, right? Of course you do.  After all, the series didn’t survive for over 50 years without a fan base (yes, there were plenty of periods of time within that five decades that did not include DW on television but let’s just ignore those, shall we?).  One of the wonderful aspects of the series is that it continues to change while still remaining fundamentally the same at its core.  One of the ever-changing roles within the TARDIS is that of the Doctor’s companion.  Well, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and the upcoming season will bring with it a new companion, as Jenna Coleman, who has played companion Clara Oswald for two seasons, will be leaving the TARDIS for even bigger…Who are we kidding? There really is nothing bigger than the TARDIS, so let’s just leave it at “leaving the TARDIS”. That’s better.


Mirror TV brings the sad news while reporting that Coleman will be joining the ITV drama, Victoria, a multimillion dollar project that will focus on the life of Queen Victoria.  The report goes on to state that Coleman will be portraying the Queen from ages 18 through the early part of her reign.  As for the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which kicks off this Saturday, Coleman has already finished shooting her scenes and will be leaving prior to the annual Christmas Special.  For her part, Coleman doesn’t seem too broken up by the decision to leave the fan favorite television series or the TARDIS, for that matter.

You’re in Doctor Who knowing it will never last.It’s constantly regenerating, so you want to make your time count and enjoy the adventure for the fleeting time you’re here.


Sad as this truth is, there really is no hiding from it.  Beginning with his granddaughter, Susan, the Doctor has traveled with around 40 different companions throughout his life, some of which join multiple regenerations of the Doctor, while others traveled with the Time Lord for little more than a full episode.  Last year, rumors of Coleman’s departure swirled, many believing that the actor who replaced Matt Smith as the Doctor, Peter Capaldi, was a bit too much of a change for the actress.  While Coleman ultimately stayed on to help viewers adapt to such a sudden change in the Doctor’s personality, it is very possible that those rumblings had something to do with Victoria.  An unnamed source close to Coleman confirmed that this isn’t exactly new news.

Jenna clinched the role of Victoria a while ago but it’s been a very closely guarded secret.


Clara’s time on Doctor Who began with the Season 7 episode, “Asylum of the Daleks”, one of the best episodes of the season, if not the entire reboot of the series, though she did not become a series regular until “The Snowmen”, a few episodes later.  Labeled “The Impossible Girl”, Clara has become one of the Doctor’s most important companions, spreading herself throughout the entirety of the Doctor’s life to ensure his safety in “The Time of the Doctor”.  In addition to becoming the most important companion, in Season 8, the character wound up becoming one of the most interesting companions, as well, as showrunner Steven Moffatt chose to focus on Clara’s character development, treating audiences to a character who, in some ways, became even more important to the series than the Doctor himself.

Well, if she must run from the TARDIS, we offer Coleman this advice: Run you clever girl…and remember.

Before you go, why not enjoy this wonderful mini-episode featuring Clara?  After all, she does get a glimpse of Companions Past…

Are you ready for a new companion?  What was your favorite Clara Oswald episode?


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