Internet Mobs Chase Stephen Amell Off Social Media

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If you’re a follower of Stephen Amell, either via Twitter or Facebook or whatever new-fangled social media sites the kids are using these days, then you know that he’s very active in the Internet community. He’s always posting pics of his personal life, talking about the upcoming developments on Arrow, interacting with his many fans and participating in charity fundraisers of all sorts. Now, however, Amell appears to have rubbed the Internet the wrong way by expressing an – GASP! – unpopular opinion.

Most people are familiar by now with the ridiculousness of the Ahmed Mohamed incident. Some 14-year-old kid in Texas ended up getting arrested because he brought a homemade clock to school and, school administrators being the bright people that we would expect, immediately thought it was some sort of bomb. The #IStandWithAhmed tag has been making the rounds and some responses to the situation have been less-than-friendly toward Texans. Amell felt that attacking an entire state and everyone in it was a bit hypocritical, so he decided to say something via Twitter.

In typical Internet fashion, people began ranting and raving and throwing shit in Amell’s direction without even considering what he was actually saying. And, just like so many others who have been targeted by the Internet for expressing their opinions, Amell was forced to explain himself to the very trolls who attacked him. He posted a Facebook video that both apologized for and clarified his previous Twitter statement and then went on to let loose a series of explanatory tweets. Finally, he ended with this: 

So, Amell fans will be forced to wait out this period of darkness while the Arrow star hunkers down against the outrage rampage. Likely he’ll be back in short order, raising more money for cancer and being an all-around amazing human being. It’s also likely he’ll tread lightly in the future when it comes to expressing opinions to a blood-thirsty and easily confused Internet.


Source: Stephen Amell’s Twitter

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