Scott Glenn nailed the character Stick in Netflix‘s first season of Daredevil, it was as close to the actual character jumping of the comic book page as possible and utterly delightful for this Daredevil fan. Now Marvel had confirmed his return for season two in three episodes. Why is Stick back in Matt Murdock’s life, I mean besides the new costumed identity and taking on the Hell’s Kitchen underworld? Let’s talk about it.daredevil-stick-glenn

As those who have watched the first season of Daredevil know, Stick first popped into Matt’s life after his accident, helping Matt to control, and keep his newly heightened senses from over whelming him. Why drop back into Matt’s life now? Well you should know that Stick wants something from Matt, not that he doesn’t want to help Matt, just that he thinks there are much more important things that Matt should be doing with his powers.


You might remember this scene from episode seven, who was that mysteriously scarred man? Well a quick check on the credits reveals it is Stone, played by Jason Finney, as you can imagine with that body he’s played a lot of guards, bodyguards, and bouncers in his film and television career. Will he be the actor that plays the role when Stone turns around for all to see, not sure on that yet.

Stick and Stone are part of the Chaste, a group determined to stand against the Hand, those evil red clad ninjas that want to take over the world. Kinda like this guy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 4.40.26 PM

Stone has the ability to become impervious to any incoming attack, as long as he knows it is coming. That makes his senses and detection abilities pretty damn important. I am hoping that Daredevil season two sets up that fantastic Frank Miller story of Electra’s corruption, death, and redemption.

Fans are gonna go nuts with Bullseye, Electra, the Punisher and others from the Daredevil mythos start popping on-screen next season. Things are gonna heat up quick as the other Netflix series get their introduction season that will begin to build upon each other.

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