Time to take those frowns and turn them upside down! Earlier this week it was reported that Pacific Rim 2 was going to be delayed for quite some time, and by some time we mean indefinitely. However, things have taken a turn as Guillermo del Toro has since then responded to the outcry that has resulted in the “delay.” So climb aboard and hold onto something tight as we continue on the roller coaster ride that is Pacific Rim 2.

Just to bring you up to speed, it was reported, earlier this week, that Pacific Rim 2 was going to be delayed for an indefinite amount of time. The reason being was that studio heads were concerned with how much money the sequel would potentially make. This concern dates back to when the first movie came out. Domestically, it didn’t do that well grossing only a little over $100 million with a budget of $190. However, thanks to the overseas market, and in particular China, the movie did well making around $390 million. This obviously caused a reaction from a very passionate fan base and, thus, managed to reach del Toro.

In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, del Toro had this to say about the cold feet that the studio was having in regards to making the giant robot sequel,

“We are still turning in a screenplay and a budget in three weeks…As far as I’m concerned, it’s not gone. We’re still on it.”

Well there you have it. We can all breath a slight sigh of relief. It’s comforting to know that del Toro still wants to do the movie. Hopefully this will be enough to convince the studio to move ahead with the project. Of course, with that said, the final decision comes from them. So while del Toro may be behind the project 100%, that doesn’t mean the studio will be as well. Remember, it always comes down to how much money you have in the bank.

In the meantime, here is some food for thought from the mouth of del Toro, himself,

“I can tell you this, if I was a billionaire, I would definitely do Hellboy 3, Pacific Rim 2, and At the Mountains of Madness.” He continued, laughing: “And I would quickly become a millionaire.”

Geez! Take my money, now! Has there ever been a crowdfunding campaign that has raised a billion dollars?

Source: Slashfilm

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